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Our Products are used in a wide range of industries right from automotive and home appliances to artificial jewelry and decorative products.

• Thinners

• Industrial Paints

• Paint Thinners, Ink Thinner

• Industrial Finishes

• Vacuum Metallising Lacquers

• Top Coat

• Base Coat

• Coating for Jari

• UV Coatings

• Specialised acrylic resins

• Different finishes like soft feel coating

• Various primers for Untreated polypropylene( pigmented and Clear)

• UV Curing coatings for wood and plastic

• Concentrated Tinting dyes

• Specialised acrylic resins

• Polyurethane paints and Primers
• Stoving enamels
• Hammertone paints
• Wash(etch) primer
• N. C. Paints

• Polychromatic and Metallic Finishes
• All types of thinners
• All types of high performance anti corrosion coatings
• All types of Air drying and stoving varnishes.

We also develop tailor-made paints / coatings as per the requirement of the customer

End Users
Automotive Industry Home Appliances industry Electrical Switches Architects, Interior Designer, Construction Industry Jewelry. Decorative Products Garment manufacturing (coatings on buckles, buttons)